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Get rewarded for sharing the love with our referral program TYPS

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TYPS- Tighten Your Purse Strings.

Life’s more fun when it’s shared with special people, and when you get given free money for doing that, well then it’s just outrageous. But that’s exactly how TYPS works:

For You

You place your order with us

You receive a unique code to share with the special people in your lives (plus your not so special Facebook, Snapchat and other social stalkers)- We call these girls your “Besties” but they also go by the names “your lovelies”, “your darlings” and “your sisters”.

When your Besties place their first order with us using your unique code, you receive an automatic credit of USD5 in your account*.

You will receive USD5 for each Bestie up to a maximum of 20 Besties (USD100). At this point, you guessed it, you GET A FREE BAG!!! And that’s just for sharing the love…

For Your Besties

Your Besties place an order using your unique code.

They receive an automatic USD10 credit in their account*

That’s it, it’s that simple

*This is applicable to first-time customers only. If we suspect funny business we reserve the right to review all transactions and cancel all credits if we deem them not to be in the correct spirit of the program.

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